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all the stars were fallen embers
27 September 1988
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Name~ Cora Windover -+- Suu Maxwell -+- Lia -+- Rose McLemore -+- Ginger Catgirl -+- Bylina Carlyle -+- Une -+- Ammie... however you may know me.
Age~ 18
Point of being~ Rutogasu Daigaku! College student and quite happy ^_^
Point of geeky/freaky-ness~ band geek -+- comic geek -+- anime geek -+- gamer geek -+- graphics geek -+- cosplay freak -+- writer freak -+- rp freak -+- art freak

=^..^=~ Ammie to you.

iroppoi mesuinu ichigou!

Layout~ i FINALLY updated my layout... Haruhi, from The Melancholy of Haruchi Suzumiya :3

Current obsessions~ Ouran High Host Club -+- Death Note -+- D.Gray-man -+- Dead or Alive 3 -+- Soul Calibur 3 -+- Younha -+- Life is Like a Boat
Eternal obsessions~ CLAMP -+- Writing -+- J-pop -+- B.O.Y.S. -+- Terry Pratchett -+- Tamora Pierce -+- Harry Potter -+- Final Fantasy -+- Cosplay -+- Yaoi/Slash/Gayness in general -+- Procrastination

Current top 5 songs~ 1) Shissou [Last Alliance/Ouran] -+- 2) Musouka [Suara/Utawarerumono] -+- 3) Life is Like a Boat [Rie Fu/Bleach] -+- 4) Moonlight Shadow [Groove Coverage] -+- 5) Hare Hare Yukai [Aya Hirano/Haruhi]

Current projects~ Halloween, planning for 11/11, and getting ready for NaNoWriMo

Current uber-fucking-annoyance~ my room is sooo messy... like, depressingly-i-can't-stand-it messy

Current fun word~ ...ebola :D

Favorite shibbiness~ pink -+- scallion panqueques -+- procrastinating -+- stars -+- "Houkiboshi" -+- Sonnet LXI -+- Tamora Pierce -+- Ouran High Host Club -+- Mythbusters -+- CLAMP Campus Defenders Dukylon -+- CLAMP -+- prom dresses

Words of wisdom~ Alexander the GAY

Stars, in your multitudes... scarce to be counted, filling the darkness with order and light... you are the sentinels, silent and sure, keeping watch in the night. keeping watch in the night... You hold your place in the sky, you hold your course and your reign... each in his season returns and returns, and is always the same.

Rain's falling and it's miserable, and when it hazes over, any time now, I'll be remembering what you said. In the night sky after the rain, a star emerges beautifully and I figure I can fall in love with the rain.

Moshi atashi ga, houkiboshi ni nareta naraba! Afureru hikari furasu yo itsumo. Kanashii toki, yozora miru anata ga egao ni naru youni, motto kagayakitai.

I want you to know who I really am... I never thought I'd feel this way towards you, and if you ever need someone to come along - I will follow you, and keep you strong. And every time I see your face, the ocean heaves up to my heart. You make me want to strain at the oars, and soon I can see the shore...

Website~ http://liacoraginger.cjb.net
Icons and other shibby stuff~ another_icon_
Potterchan~ Potterchan.com

I have this friend
and she is like an on-off switch
one day she's energenic
and another she is the ground saying.. "me need sleep"
She always surprises me were her unusally positive spirit
shes the first person to talk to you. last person to talk you
Ive heard that when she walks into a room
it radiates with a cool mist, just from her aura
her aura is probably a most unusual color that can change with her emotions.
black is mad. blue is sad. green is lazy

Possibly one of the best people you would ever meet
When school or Band Camp ends she usually occurs in my memory
The good times, the bad. And sometimes the sad
When she leaves parties end. She leaves people wishing for more
She's that famous singing poeple scream at for an encore
I'll remember her the rest of my life
Probably until the day I die
She smiles, twists and turns her body
Flails her arms outside her window to a red light

She always seems to have that ability to act as if there is nothing wrong
But when something is wrong, she asks for help when she needs it
I'm not sure what inspired me to write this poem
All I understand that she completes your life
Whether you like it or not
She's a hurricane, a cyclone
When she make a statement, she really makes it
She's the first the raise her hand
No matter how spontaneous how it may sound
If I think if a word that she probably lives by
Then it is Carpe Diem, "Seize the Day"

She's the little burst of life
A nice memory you once lost as a child
A marshmallow in a warm cup of Cocoa
A warm sweater on a winter night
Possibly something you've lost but found again
When find that purple pen you've had in 3rd grade
She's there, and you can't make her go.

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Lucius's hair
The Half-Blood Prince

- from animatedcouples -
Draco X Luna - HP
Zima X Dita - Chobits
Yuuko X Clow - xxxHolic
Albert X Lavitz - LoD
Raine X Laguna - FFVIII

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Albert - Legend of Dragoon

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Draco X Luna

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Death is Tainted Love

Dee&Ryo are FAKE love

Whose Line...?
Whose Line...? is love.

Draco&Ginny: Pink Haired Babies is LOVE!
Draco&Ginny: Pink Haired Babies is LOVE!

Orlando bloom is huggable love

Fox and Collin are friendly/hostile love.
Fox and Collin are friendly/hostile Love.

[harry + draco]

[james + lily]

that's all, folks.